fang-url sent: The fact that I can't find these fineliner pens where I live just pisses me off so much. Ugh!! Where do you live? So I can order from that area lol

Long time no posting ;-; ehehehh… /lazyadminhere

I’m from Concepción, Chile.

I hope you can order the fineliner pens ;-; Here you find them in almost every supermarket lol Good luck!


Guys ;-; I’m back. I’m really sorry for not updating, but I was studying for my finals (engineering is not easy OTL) and then my pencils all died :((((
And I had a competition (I have a dance cover group) on mid-february and we were practising ;-; and I lost my camera.
But now I’m free and I have my camera again <333 I will start doing your requests as soon as I can !

You can still request a song, but be sure you checked the masterlist  (tags) first!

Lots of love ~

Guys ;-;

I’m so sorry ;3; I have like… 8 requests? in my inbox that I haven’t answered yet ;-; 

To all of you, I’m really sorry, I’ve been a little bit busy studying lately D: but I will answer all the requests this weekend <3

To my other followers~ Keep requesting! I’m updating on the weekend ^^ 

I&#8217;m really thankful ♥ ;v; keep requesting!

I’m really thankful ♥ ;v; keep requesting!

My Love ♥

My Love 



1년 정거장 ♥

1년 정거장 ♥

지독하게 ♥

Drive ♥


Hurt Me ♥

Hurt Me